How do you like your eggs? Mixed with alcohol, of course! A new craze has hit the London cocktail scene just in time for Easter and it's serving your drinks sunny side up, scrambled and as delicious as ever. From those egg whites in your Sours, to that whole egg in your Flips, these are not just cocktails any more. These are masterpieces, innovations in liquid designs, tributes to our humble hens. So let's step up to the plate (well, the glass...) and toast to bravery, to the cocktail revolution, to Easter inventions and to eggs, which just don't get enough credit.

The Ramos Gin Fizz at NOLA

This decadent dedication to the New Orleans classic is rich, frothy and - yep, you guessed it - absolutely eggcellent (we'll stop now. Maybe.) Blended by the experts in mixology, this number has all the hallmarks of a successful eggsperiment, containing No.3 Gin, shaken (very) hard, lemon, sugar, orange flower water, cream and that all important egg white. Take the leap, you're in good hands at this award winning cocktail hot spot.

Best egg cocktails in London - Nola's Ramos Gin Fizz

The best in the business, Nola's will have your taste buds eggstatic with their creative concoctions.

Bacon and Egg Cocktail at The London Cocktail Club

We know, we haven't lost our minds. The LCC might have though... Be brave, impress your date, your mates or the bartender, and pop a mint in afterwards because this cocktail is redefining 'drink'. This masterpiece contains Jack Daniels Old No. 7, infused with bacon, and blended with maple syrup, orange bitters and a little lemon juice, garnished lovingly with your very own rasher of bacon and Haribo egg. Introducing breakfast to your night out (they're just forward thinkers, really). 

Best egg cocktails in London - Bacon and egg LCC

Be bold and embrace the weird and wonderful.

Tiramisu Flip at The Botanist

This delightful surprise contains Martell vs Cognac, Frangelico, vanilla, espresso and - wait for it - a whole egg. That's right, folks, it's not always enough to have just the whites. Sometimes you need to put all of the egg in your basket. So trust the eggsperts in mixology at this classy Chelsea joint - they can do amazing things with a cocktail shaker.

Best egg cocktails in London - Tiramisu Flip in The Botanist

All your morning wake up calls in one place - eggs, coffee and that all important Martell vs Cognac...

The Easter Cocktail at Purl

This masterclass in cocktail making starts with a luscious libation that tastes of fresh Spring and is sure to kick you into the creative zone. Containing prosecco, porter reduction, lavender and praline, get your sweet treat bursting with floral flavour and chocolate deliciousness. Get tipsy on this tempting tipple and inflict your drunkenness upon all kinds of concoctions in your two masterclasses this Easter Sunday.

Best egg cocktails in London - Easter cocktail at Purl

A drink of the chocolate egg variety - an eggciting Easter treat.

The Chameleon at The Four Sisters

Listen up, folks, for an infusion of some stunning combinations in this eggy little entry: Olmecca blanco tequila, infused with rosemary, Mezcal, Aperol, lemon and - most importantly - egg white. Enjoy your drink in a sultry interior with an excitable atmosphere and relaxed vibes, nestled in the buzzing centre of Angel. This potent poison will taste divine and is well worth the headache you may or may not have the next morning... (Drink responsibly, kids).

Best egg cocktails in London - Chameleon Four Sisters

No yoking about here, this drink is the bee's knees.