5 Top Tips For Choosing That All Important Date Venue

So you’ve done the hard part. You’ve secured a date for the evening and now all that’s left is for your natural charm and intelligence to shine through and win his or her heart in a whirlwind of Happily Ever After, right? But there is still the all-important ‘Where’ to consider. You probably don’t know their favourite hang-outs yet, but picking the wrong place can still damage your chances despite your winning personality and stunning good looks. Here are a few tips for making sure you find the ‘right’ place: 

The Interior

As much as we all love a good Wetherspoons, picking a pub with a slightly quirkier design not only makes for a good first impression but is a great talking point too. Found yourself short of something to say? Talking about how the toilet was behind a bookcase or the giant formaldehyde-preserved animals hanging from the ceiling is sure to fix any rut.

Our recommendation: House of Wolf, Islington

House of Wolf Islington

Said formaldehyde-preserved animals galore at House of Wolf


This is an important one, because it can set the tone of the whole date without you even realising it. If the place is too empty or too full, too hot or too cold, or even just saturated with deranged football hooligans neither you nor your date are going to feel comfortable. A good atmosphere on the other hand will leave your date feeling pretty positive about the whole evening without knowing why!

Our recommendation: Barrio East, Shoreditch

Barrio East Shorditch

A buzzing and vibrant atmosphere can be found at Barrio East, any night of the week

Reserve an area

This is particularly useful if you plan to venture out on a Friday or Saturday night. It’s quite hard to get to know someone when you are squished together, hovering at the bar and having to scream at each other over the ruckus. A nice table off to the side will give you the space you need to really ‘connect’.

Our recommendation: Mr Fogg's

Mr Fogg's is quirk-city, annnnd available to book online

Take in a show 

maybe look for a venue that offers more than just dinner or drinks. If there is some form of entertainment then you aren’t required to be talking all the time; you can both just sit back and enjoy the evening and let the conversation come naturally. Comedy clubs are great for this, or live music venues.

Our recommendation: The Black Cat Cabaret

Black Cat Cabaret

Trapeze artists, cabaret acts and circus performance at one of the best shows in London


Ask them where they like to hang out and what they like to do. OR if you really want to impress come up with an idea based on the things you know about them already. Did they mention a love of sushi? Or a wild desire to watch cabaret? Picking up on these things not only makes for a great date but scores you major dating points as well.

Our recommendation: well, it really depends on what they like. Take a look at our 'Inspire Me' page for some, well, inspiration! 

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