The Jones Family Project has become a bit of a Shoreditch stalwart for meat lovers. Adding to their repertoire is the latest pop-up, ‘Relaxing on the Stoop’, a burgers and bourbon, Southern-American inspired shindig located in the restaurant basement.

The Experience

Who doesn’t dream of Deep-South living? All that chilling out on rocking chairs, playing the banjo and drinking bourbon; I’m sure these are 100% true representations and not at all stereotypes. Taking inspiration from that slow-mo way of living, The Jones Family Project have created a two-month pop-up complete with a Kentucky terrace - clapboard interiors, old barrels, shutters and rocking chairs - and three slider burgers paired with whiskey chosen by Heaven Hill Distillery.

If you’re going to take inspiration from the land of BBQs and grilled everything, you’ve got to a make sure your burgers are up to scratch, and with their Ginger Pig patties, The Jones Family Project pull it off. The three sliders all came with a different topping; from a bourbon-soaked cheddar, a spicy corn relish and a Rittenhouse Rye reduction which had us drinking it straight from the pot, each was different enough to justify shoving three burgers into my mouth.

Burgers and Bourbon pop up at The Jones Family Project

Three burger sliders and three whiskeys at The Jones Family Project pop-up.

American bourbon and whisky isn’t something that’s really caught on in the UK. I mean we’ve all heard of Jack Daniels but it’s worth venturing out of the well-known and into the unexplored with the pairings. Chosen by an expert, each of the three whiskeys were matched to the various flavours of the burgers - the Mellow Corn, made from 81% corn, was matched with the spicy sweetcorn relish burger and brought out the sweeter notes of the liquor.


If you love burgers and you love whiskey, then you’ve found your paradise. The three sliders were great either as a meal or sharing between a group and the whiskeys were unlike anything else generally offered in Shoreditch bars, well worth a foray into.

The Jones Family Project's pop-up will be open until 30th October; one board with three burger sharers and whiskeys costs £25 or get two boards for £40.