License To Thrill: We Attended The Ultimate Bond-Themed Cabaret Show With A Three-Course Meal

Whether you’re heading down for a special occasion or simply looking for an excuse to break out the dress that’s just begging to make a public appearance, The London Cabaret Club is one of the city’s top providers for extravagant nights out. Held at the opulent Bloomsbury Ballroom in central, they run themed shows throughout the year. With most of the dates being weekdays, there’s a chance, like us, that you’ll be attending after work. It’s not often you get to go from office attire to full glam, so when the opportunity arose, we made sure the transformation was chick flick movie montage-worthy before venturing out to catch their James Bond-themed event, London Never Dies

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The London Cabaret Club reviews? Ours is in.

Prepare to be impressed from the get-go, as even the walk from the entrance to the front desk will make you feel like part of the Bridgerton clan. After handing over our coats, we were led to the plush lounge area for pre-show entertainment, welcome drinks and canapés – my version of the Holy Trinity, if you will. Taking to the stage was a sequence of incredible singers, performing slow, jazz-ified renditions of pop songs from the likes of Amy Winehouse, The Weeknd and more. This gave us the chance to marvel and mingle from velvet seats while enjoying a glass of berry-infused fizz and mini bites from salmon blinis to arancini

The relaxed atmosphere was then abruptly disrupted – in the best way possible – with an immersive, theatrical dance number to the Bond theme tune, introducing the stars of the night’s show and giving us a taste of what was to come. We were then ushered into the main ballroom, through a sea of white cloth-laden tables and taken to our seats in the raised VIP area due to us being Diamond Ticket holders. The Diamond Package (£140) included the treats we were met with in the lounge, as well as a three-course meal from The London Cabaret Club menu during the main show and access to the after party; and the more the evening went on, the more we realised the price was totally worth it. 

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The show here was slick as they come. 

The position of the stage meant the whole audience could get a good view, and each act kicked off with the characters singing and dancing their way towards the central platform. While we knew what to expect from the soundtrack and were ready to belt out those timeless Bond themes we all know and love, what took me by surprise was the production value. From the sequin-clad outfits to the dramatic lighting and mesmerising animations playing on projector screens, the whole room came alive and the electric energy remained high until the very end. The cast covered the classics, old and new, including ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, Madonna’s more upbeat ‘Die Another Day’, Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ and the franchise’s most recent hit ‘No Time to Die’ by Billie Eilish. Every performance came with its own unique twist, with some introducing props and others featuring aerial circus acts and a particularly talented cyr wheel acrobat. The changing up of the set and performance style kept everyone intrigued and thoroughly entertained throughout, not to mention the singing and dancing being of an extremely high standard. 

The dishes were brought out during the multiple intervals, with a decent amount of time left in between for people to chat and anticipate the next round of songs. There was no point in the evening where I felt like I was waiting for anything; the structure and schedule were on point and everything ran super efficiently. Before the event we got to pick what we wanted from the French-inspired menu, with a choice of two to three options for each course. There were plates to suit all the main dietary requirements – if that’s something that tends to be a dealbreaker for you. We both went with the fish starter, which contained a scoop of flaky white crab on a thick slice of toasted brioche, elevated with a bisque purée. The flavour was there, although I felt the fish-to-bread ratio could have been a little more balanced by the addition of more crab. 

The London Cabaret Club Menu | DesignMyNight

Tender beef fillet followed by chocolate desserts? Dreamy.

I stuck to the aquatic theme by ordering the lemon sole for mains. It came alongside a fried oyster and smoked leek, with the tarragon velouté making for a flavourful sauce. As a member of the oyster-averse committee, this was a great way to try the controversial mollusc for the first time - since the batter mellowed the taste and took away the texture that some may find squeamish. All the components married well, although the small-sized sides made the plate look a bit sparse. My friend went big with the fillet of beef served with thinly sliced potatoes, mushroom purée, and a celeriac and brandy jus. We were impressed by the beef; the cut was substantial, soft and had a great char. The jus added a depth of flavour, however the potatoes were a little too crunchy - coming close to being classified as chunky crisps - for my liking. Both desserts were a delight; the dark chocolate torte was rich and satisfyingly dense, balanced by the light, almost refreshing crunch of the coconut praline, while the caramelised apple tarte tatin with Tahitian vanilla ice cream was the perfect combo of sharp, fruity and sweet. 

The show came with bursts of interactivity to draw diners’ attention back to the stage while still enjoying their meal. From performers approaching tables to instigating a napkin-waving frenzy, the focus on audience participation further emphasised the thought that went into making this event engaging and memorable. 

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Promising dazzling entertainment and exceptional hospitality from start to finish, London Cabaret Club delivered… and then some. They have the whole operation down to a T, running at the perfect pace for people to soak up the spectacle without feeling like the night is dragging or being rushed. Other than a few points of improvement for the food, all elements came together to produce a show-stopping night that ticks all the boxes. Although the price may seem steep at first glance, once you discover everything it includes, you soon realise that it hits the mark. And to me, you can’t put a price on an experience that you’ll likely only have once in your life. 

  💰 The damage: £140 each for the diamond package.

  📍  The location: Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square WC1B 4DA.

  👌 Perfect for: Musical theatre fans looking for an opportunity to dress up and dine.

 ⭐ Need to know: Check out their all-new spring show Roxie Rocks Chicago for a night of showbiz glitz and glamour.


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