Rusty Nail Nothing Rusty About New Mayfair Club Spot
35 Hertford Street, London, W1J 7SD
Splash the Cash £££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Not only have Brompton Brands revamped Mayfair's Whisky Mist, but they have also launched a brand new bar, Rusty Nail, right alongside it. With an interior populated with old whisky barrels and candles, and with walls covered in distressed wallpaper Rusty Nail is an intimate venue, which is more exclusive than its sister venue. Named after a whisky cocktail it only seems right that Rusty Nail specialises in serving a range of whiskies and tasty cocktails to customers.

What we say:

With a reputation for being more exclusive than Whisky Mist, Rusty Nail is a hotspot for London's elite. With old whisky barrels and candles coupled with its aged wallpaper, Rusty Nail mixes a vintage look with an exclusive atmosphere. With a wide range of cocktails as well as an impressive stock of whiskies for their customers to enjoy, Rusty Nail is the place to go for a chance to put your glad rags on and mingle with an accomplished crowd.