Fabric London - Nightclub Review

Whenever I head down to Fabric, I always brace myself for the aftermath the next day. One of London's (and arguably the world's) most respected clubs, Fabric's reputation definitely precedes it, a place where frivolity and excess run through its veins.

The Venue

It has to be said, the layout in Fabric is very daunting. A massive venue with a multitude of levels and rooms, getting lost is seemingly inevitable. A lot of the bars look almost identical and the literal and figurative haze that surrounds the place doesn't help either. Once you get your bearings though, it's a great space to explore with each room having its own benefits and individual character. It has an atavistic feel of the heyday of 90's clubbing, which gives it a certain authenticity most modern clubs lack. 

Prepare to get lost in the labyrinth that is Fabric.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Lively and buzzing, Fabric definitely attracts one of the best clubbing crowds in London. There's a pervading sense everyone is there for the same reason, to enjoy some of the best international DJs. There are no pretensions with Fabric, no sense of exclusivity, people come here to have a good time and let loose. All who enter through its doors are passionate about the music, and for clubbing purists amongst you, surely that's the essence of any night out?


People head to Fabric for the music, which gives it a sense of authenticity.

The Music

Deep House duo Dusky were headlining on the night, which created quite a buzz, leading the main room to be fully packed for the entirety of their set. I only caught glimpses of it, but what I did hear sounded pretty damn good. Other rooms where much less overcrowded, and featured a range of acts playing Techno, Garage and House sets which were more enjoyable, especially as you could claim some personal space amidst the throng of people pulling shapes.


It's hard to not be impressed by the line-ups Fabric manage to pull in.


Overall, Fabric is a true club lover's paradise. Even if you've never been, you've heard of it, which just enforces their formidable reputation as one of the world's best clubs. It's a great spot which can always boast an impressive line-up whatever the night; it is also one of the last bastions where music is of the highest importance, which also means it's the last place a "celebrity" would be afforded a set.