You can get Pad Thai for just £1 in London

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rosa's thai cafe £1 pad thai london

That's right, you can fill your bellies this August for a mere £1. 

You find them in washed pockets, down sofas, wedged between old receipts and if you're a magician, round the back of people's ears. That's right, it's looking like a shiny gold one is going to be all it takes to smack smiles across faces this August.

Courtesy of Rosa's Thai Cafe on the celebration of selling their millionth Pad Thai, this beloved Asian branch are offering 'Pad Thai For A Pound' as the 8th rolls around. Available at all ten of their London sites, Rosa's Thai Cafe will be serving the hungry in frugal style as it will only cost £1 to chow down on their beloved dish. It's going to be first come first served, so don't miss your chance.

You just need to redeem by signing up here.

Enjoy £1 Pad Thai from Rosa's Thai Cafe this August 8th between 12-5pm. All ten cafes will be participating on the day, some of the locations are as follows: Brixton, Chelsea, Soho, Angel, Carnaby, Victoria, Spitalfields, Hampstead.