Yes, that really is a cheese and pickle cocktail

Added on . By Katie Houghton.

branston pickle cocktail

Yes London, that's right, we FINALLY have some news that's going to tickle that pickle of yours. 

I'm a nutter for cheese and i'm one hell of a hound for pickles, so imagine my excitement at the idea of a Branston pickle themed cocktail. I know, I know, while it's a symbol of all things good and gross to some, this is what I call fate and it's been conjured at the hands of a bar right here in London. 

Brought about by London Cocktail Club as they celebrate the 95th birthday of Branston, not only does the 'Pickle Me Cheesy' come with a side of pickle and cheese, this barmy bevvy is host to a blend of sherry, lemon, cloudy apple juice, egg whites and whiskey. No, you don't have to be as excited as me, but yes, you do have to take me

The Pickle Me Cheesy costs £10. Available throughout September at all LCC venues including: Shoreditch, Monument, Goodge St.