Yes London, you are getting another awesome pizza themed party

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

pizza themed festival event in london

Run of the mill slices have nothing on these bubbling bad-boys from Homeslice.

When it comes to pizza we simply have two names to thank. For one, Raffaele Esposito, this fella supposedly invented the wonder wheels of cheese and dough back in 1889; and then there's Pizza Pocalypse, the latest pizza event headed to East London. Why? Because they're giving you Londoners yet another excuse to scoff slices until you drop. Praise be you both. 

Headed to the MC Motors warehouse this August 27th, Pizza Pocalypse are bringing an all-day pizza party to the dough-ey dudes and dolls of Dalston. Joining forces with some of the best names in London, independent pizza, they're promising one whole day and night of eating, drinking and dancing. With two ways to party on the day, you can not only head on down in the afternoon for their Slice-Off as you hand over £25 for five slices, beer and ice cream and a vote entry into their coveted Gold Mozzarella competition, head on down to the after party for the PHATPLASTIC sound system, more pizza and more partying.

Wondering what favourites will be there on the day? Savour slices from: Born & Raised, Homeslice, Pizza East and Yard Sale.

Pizza Pocalypse will be at MC Motors in Dalston this August 27th. Slice-Off tickets come in at £25 per person, while the after party will be a mere £5.