Campari Bitter Cocktail Bar in London

London is full of cocktails bars that have jumped on the Bitters trend. 

It looks like us Brits are finally maturing – maybe not in our entirety, but recent trends suggest that the Great British Palate is changing in line with wider social and cultural developments. Studies have shown that bitter cocktails are making one hell of a comeback, and cocktails such as the Negroni and the Aperol Spitz are on the increase.

In 2012, sales of Campari rose by 156% in the UK, and 56% in the US. Bitter cocktails certainly take a bit of getting used too, as known all too well by comedian Bill Cosby, who built a seven-minute anecdote surrounding his initial horror upon encountering Fernet Branca in Italy. But, it would appear that the increased interest in classic cocktails, in line with the surge in speakeasy style bars across the UK and the US, have together prompted a revival in the traditional and oft-forgetten spirits. That, and the increased access to new flavours through travel has prompted an wider awareness as to what lies beyond, rather than behind, the bar of our local.

Have a lil gander our list of the top three bars at which to drink bitter cocktails and enjoy drinking some of the most fashionable spirits from across the world. 

Bitter Cocktails Bitter Sweet London

Bitter Cocktails are making a comeback. Head to Bitter Sweet to enjoy the Bitter Sweet Mr Marmalade.

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet specialises in bespoke cocktails, infused with bitter and sweet flavours, and is a cocktail bar in London that boasts an impressive list of signature cocktails as well as the popular classics. Why not try the Bitter Sweet Mr Marmalade, mixed with Grand Marnier, Mandarin Napoleon, Orange Marmalade, Campari, Angostura and Orange Bitters. As one of our recommended cocktail bars in London, book online now to secure a space for you and your friends. 


Purl is a delightful drinking space in Marylebone, established with a view to bring classic cocktails back to the forefront of London's drinking scene, whilst adding new flare and creativity to forgotten libations. Cue then, the Bitters Renaissance. Book online now to secure a space at one of the most popular cocktail bars in London.

Polpo Campari Bar

Although still very much a hidden gem, this cocktail bar in London is popular amongst those in the know... and those craving a bitta' bitter. Serving up a selection of classic bitter cocktails, including the Negroni, Americano, Sweet Martini and Aperol or Campari Spritz, this is a haven for those who have a taste for the bitter.