We tried out codes and cocktails at new London pop-up The Bletchley

Added on . By Georgie Pursey.

the bletchley london pop up review

From the team that brought us London’s first naked restaurant and the Breaking Bad inspired chemistry bar comes The Bletchley.

With a waitlist of over 7,000 three weeks before tickets even became available, we were lucky to hot-foot it down to The Bletchley, a bar themed on Alan Turing and his code-cracking endurance during World War II. Once you find the bar (as we found at the the inconvenient end of the Kings Road) you descend into bunker to be greeted by your agent hosts.

Think Enigma machines, radio transmitters and a Sherlock style escape room all in a very immersive setting, except instead of trying to escape the room, you’re trying to solve codes to unlock a series of personalised, bespoke cocktails.

We had two hours to crack two clues to get two drinks, with another drink on arrival. Call upon your senses, input letters and answers and use the clues dotted around the room to send messages to the mixologists to allow them to create bespoke drinks for you. No two drinks were the same as there is no menu, only intuition based on the information you provide about yourself.

As guests of The Bletchley, we were provided with uniforms, and asked to decide on an appropriate agent name. This is how the bar are able to identify you, and it’s also a great way to get in character and really embrace the theme of the bar. After all, there’s no point going to an immersive bar if you’re not going to do just that: immerse yourself. For us? The enjoyment came from playing along with the theme and fully embracing the storyline of the bunker setting, as well as the well considered personalised drinks created by the talented bar team.

Tickets to The Bletchley cost £30 per person and include two hours and three drinks in the bunker. If you enjoy immersing yourself into a different world designed to get your brains working and your tastebuds tingling, there isn’t a better place to visit.