Dairy-Free And Decadent: Where To Eat Vegan Fondue And Raclette In London

It shouldn't be just the dairy-lovers that get their dip on come winter; vegans deserve to dunk too. Lucky for you plant-based dieters with a passion for all things melted, there's plenty of restaurants offering vegan fondue and raclette in London. From bold burger joints promising patties soaked in the stuff to chalet pop-ups offering gooey vats, we're rounding up all the best places to go.


Burger & Beyond

Offering an even more epicurean take on the classic, this fabulously filthy stack from Burger & Beyond brings together a panko-crusted mushroom patty with caramelised onions, greens and smoked garlic mayo, then smothers the whole thing in ooey-gooey vegan raclette. We can confidently say it's not one for those who like to finish a meal with a clean shirt.

Burger And Beyond Vegan Raclette London | DesignMyNught

Add new layers to the best vegan raclette in London with this down and dirty burger. 

Chalet Suisse At Somerset House

Just when you thought Somerset House's ice skating was the main event, they're coming in hot with Chalet Suisse - a collaboration between Jimmy Garcia and Switzerland tourism. The alpine pop-up is open until the new year, giving you the chance to try vegan cheese fondue in London that's a mix of plant-based fromage, coconut cream and truffled mushroom puree in a gorgeous setting.

Chalet Suisse Somerset House | DesignMyNight

Vegan fondue restaurants in London are topped off by this beauty.

The Cheese Cellar At La Fauxmagerie

After the best vegan fondue in London? It's time to check out The Cheese Cellar at La Fauxmagerie, where the UK's first plant-based cheesemonger are delving out vats of the stuff laced with hoppy and smoky flavours to share between two. Dunk sourdough bread, 'pepperoni', roasted balsamic mushrooms and more, all while sipping your choice of prosecco, lager or elderflower saison.

La Fauxmagerie Best Vegan Fondue London | DesignMyNight

Chillin by the fire while we eatin' fondue. 

222 Vegan Cuisine

A top pick for a vegan raclette restaurant in London, 222 Vegan Cuisine was bound to be able to sort you out for this warming favourite. Here, raclette comes in the form of spinach and tofu cheese covering a crispy roast potato, alongside a creamy sauce and sauteed oyster mushrooms. But that's not all, as there's delish seitan stroganoff too - plus a choice of organic wine or cider. 

222 Vegan Cuisine Raclette | DesignMyNight

Having been open almost 20 years, these faves on the plant-based scene are sure to leave you satisfied.

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