7 Ukrainian Restaurants In London

From warming potato pancakes to dumplings stuffed with veggies, meat and cheese; if there are any country's citizens who know how to whip up a comforting, hearty plate of grub, it's our friends over in Ukraine. To get a taste? Here's our lowdown on Ukrainian restaurants in London, including those currently taking donations or fundraising for refugees. 

Mriya Neo Bistro, Earl's Court

A venue staffed by refugees, Mriya Neo Bistro is a great choice if you want to give a little back while chowing down on the best food from Ukraine. With a menu boasting modern takes on classics, including kabachkovi oladky (courgette pancakes) served alongside smoked trout and stracciatella instead of the traditional sour cream, this one is a must. Plus, there are local wines or infused vodka pairings to boot.

Mriya Neo Bistro Ukranian Restaurant Central London | DesignMyNight

This Ukrainian restaurant in Earl's Court is bringing both style and substance.

Ole Kyiv, Chislehurst

Strewn with old paintings of the country's capital, Ole Kyiv is a Ukrainian restaurant in Chislehurst that oozes style. There's Nemiroff-laced signature cocktails on the cards, all accompanying live music and a lineup of authentic cuisine celebrating Ukraine's culture. Think traditional varenyky fillings, sweet cottage cheese-stuffed pancakes and homemade honey cake.

Ole Kyiv Ukrainian Restaurant Chislehurst | DesignMyNight

An ode to the country's capital.

Albina, Plaistow

For a London restaurant serving Ukrainian food, Albina is a top choice. Fronting authentic plates of grub that taste 'just like Mother makes it', with harmonious blends of spices and rich flavour, it was one of the first eateries from the country to open up in our capital. The menu includes potato pancakes smothered in meat and mushroom sauce, rabbit with sour cream and classic oozing chicken Kyiv.

Albina Ukrainian Restaurant London | DesignMyNight

A favourite among Ukrainians, the home cooking at Albina is sure to impress.

Prosperity, Twickenham 

Having closed the doors of its Ukrainian restaurant in Twickenham to become a social club for refugees arriving in the UK, alongside being a donations hub, Prosperity continues to rally support for their friends and family back home. They traded varenyky-making for hauling boxes onto planes at Heathrow airport, but takeaway and dine-in are now back on the cards too.

Prosperity Twickenham Ukraine Donations | DesignMyNight

Combining delish dishes withcharity work, Prosperity is doing their bit.

Rinkoff Bakery, Whitechapel

While not strictly a restaurant, this Ukrainian bakery in London is serving up matcha babka with white chocolate and pistachio, their famous crodough (croissant pastry fried like a doughnut), Challah breads and more from two locations. Rinkoff has been a family-run destination for baked goodies since 1911, with one site now including a deli delving out fresh sandwiches and hot breakfasts.

Rinoffs Ukrainian Bakery London | DesignMyNight

Donut you dare consider any other speciality baker than Rinkoff.

XIX Nineteen, Stratford

If you're looking for a Ukrainian restaurant in Stratford, XIX Nineteen has to be on your radar. With everything from homemade pancakes and signature cocktails to deli-style lunch offerings and huge buffets, this eatery is known for its contemporary take on the food of their country. Settle down in the comfy leather booths here to feast from brekkie through to dinner.

XIX Nineteen Ukrainian Restaurant Stratford | DesignMyNight

For a modern twist on food from Ukraine, head to XIX Nineteen.

Dnister, Romford

Creating plates of Ukrainian cuisine and other Eastern European dishes, Dnister is offering up the likes of borscht (rustic beetroot soup with a garlic doughnut), filled crepes and slow-cooked rib stew. Thanks to the fundraiser dinners, sponsored cycle rides and donations organised by the owners, they're giving you a taste of the country while also helping its people in their time of need.

Dnister Ukrainian Cuisine London | DesignMyNight

Expect vibrant and tasty plates at Dnister.

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