Expect top MCs and bottomless cocktails at Hip Hop Brunch's new Garage event

Added on . By Tom Capon.

The Garage Brunch in London

This is the biggest brunch innovation since putting salmon and scrambled egg on bloomer bread.

Picture the scene: a magnolia room with plain walls; a wooden board is placed in front of you, serving a single slice of toast with half an avocado; in the background, Michael Buble whispers into your ears. This 'pleasant' brunch scene is the weekly nightmare of people across this city, who are constantly putting up with bog-standard brunches. Maybe it's time for a bigger soundtrack and bigger atmosphere; maybe it's time for the Garage Brunch, which is combining 1990s London’s favourite music with the 2010's favourite afternoon meal.

Brought to you by the masterminds behind the popular Hip Hop Brunch, the event starts off with a delicious two-course feast and an hour of bottomless cocktails. Then your host MC PSG will be introducing some great names in Garage – with the likes of DJ Swiss (from So Solid Crew, no less), Lonyo, and The Menendez Brothers at the launch party alone – as well as games like Garage Bingo, Two-Step, Name That Tune, and more. The opposite of a quiet sit-down Saturday, you'll be on your feet, dancing and soaking up the best in the UK's garage scene. The jungle might be massive, but so is this brunch.  

The Hip Hop Brunch is hosted in a secret London location, with the launch on 10th February 2018. Tickets are priced at £34.99, £39.99, and £44.99 and can be bought here.