Top 5 Hidden Rooftop Gems in London

Published . By Isabella Wardynska.

Rooftops. We love 'em. But we're not all about the standard, advance booking, heaving spaces in the city. No ta. Instead, we've rounded up some of London's hidden rooftops to show you the nooks that are stashed away, the secret hideaways and the places that might even be some of the best (or least known). Leave the usual rooftop bars at the door and follow us for a whole new view over London. 


Culpeper, Spitalfields

Truly the most green-fingered of them all, if this place were in a British fairytale it would be the local in Jack and the Giant Beanstalk. Sitting on Commercial Street, this East London pub has a well watered garden scape sprouting on top of it, with a greenhouse too. Take in the aromas of growing herbs and the charred smells from their custom built woodfired grill. 


A lush little landscape.

The Gardening Society, John Lewis Oxford Street

Right under your nose and probably one of the most down-played rooftop space in London comes the John Lewis patch of greenery. Known as The Gardening Society and towering over the hustle of London's busiest street this rooftop will be giving way to a summer of residencies from foodie favourites, transforming from an urban metropolis into horticultural haven. Naw.

The Gardening Society

A plot of botanical beauty.

The Fox, Haggerston

Pretty much the epitome of your classic English boozer, The Fox is a no mess, no fuss kinda pub that's out of the central sway and hyped up hideaways just enough to remain cool. Somewhere that still honours the olde punter and that happens to have quite the darling roof terrace makes this place a top sky-high hideaway. Sit among fresh blooms and enjoy their refreshing spread of craft beers.

The Fox

Bloomin' lovely. 

The Red Lion, Hoxton

Rough around the edges is an understatement, but it's part of the reason why we love this Hoxton local. It's not very prim, it's not very proper but it does the job and it has a sweet little rooftop to boot that is away from prying eyes and Shoreditch crowds. Just off Old Street, The Red Lion does pubbing right. Steal yourself a picnic bench spot and spend the evening chilling a la roof avec biere. 

The Red Lion

A nifty local worth a peek.

Alfies Rooftop Kitchen, Marylebone

Did you know about this one? Did you really though? We didn't. Dishing out all the quaint, charming and cafe vibes Alfies Rooftop Kitchen is like a city oasis that's definitely not on the map when it comes to sky high retreats. You shouldn't be budging elbows here, more like clinking wine glasses and admiring the Art Deco building with some panoramic views from this antiques market space. 

Alfies Rooftop Kitchen

Parasols and peace above Church Street.