There's an ACTUAL cheese bus coming to London

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

cheese bus london

Please note: this is not the size, actual material, nor a true to form image of The Cheese Bus. 

Think you're done with cheese? Lactose intolerant? Wishing people would shut their chops about cheddar? Then you'd better board the first bus out of town. Then again, maybe you shouldn't. 

Cheese fan? Prick those ears.

Matthew Carver is dominating London's dairy scene once more with news of his Cheese Bus. Already having caused quite the social stir with news of their Cheese Bar opening in Camden, these feta fiends are bringing you one of London's only 'urban dairy tours'. A vintage routemaster with the space for 72 cheesy grins, The Cheese Bus is a tour of London's cheese scene, with stops found at the likes of La Latteria in Acton, Maltby Street Market for lunch, Kappacasein (Bermondsey), and the Mexican Gringa Dairy in Peckham.

This Cheese Bus tour promises hour long stops at each selected location, tastings, lessons about cheese history and a closing selection of plates at The Cheese Bar for £75 per person.