There's A 'Friends' Brunch Coming To London

Last updated . By Olivia Cheves.

90s Brunch Friends Special

The 90s Brunch are throwing a Friends special with cocktails in coffee mugs and themed food.

The 90s Brunch is taking their love of everyone's favourite decade a step further this month with their latest food and drink fiesta. Bringing Central Perk to Central London, this special edition brunch is inspired by all things Friends. From the coffee mugs to the cocktails, you'll be immersed in the world of 90s New York - a magical place where even waitresses and struggling actors can afford to live in the West Village. The food will be taking inspiration from the show as well, so whether you're in the mood for a beef trifle, penis cakes or Ross' 'Moistmaker', they'll have you covered for some delicious eats.

They'll be pumping out the entertainment throughout the day too, with DJs playing from start to finish, alongside rounds of Friends-themed charades, projectors showing clips and a costume competition where prizes will be awarded for the best dressed - there's never been a better excuse to stick your head inside a raw turkey.

The 90s Brunch: Friends Special takes place on the 15th of September from 12pm-5pm at a secret London location. Tickets start from £15.