BYOC's cocktail trolley is a unique blend of steampunk flair, fancy copper flecks and some of the best cocktail ingredients known to man. 

We don't know if anyone's told you yet, but cocktail making and mixology has become all kinds of awesome in the city, with punters paying premium dough for some of the very best in flavours and fanciful presentations. But are they willing to wait at the bar for them? Bet your bottom dollar they aren't. But, thankfully for you some of London's most luxurious cocktail bars have adopted new methods of indulging their guests and presenting first-rate service.

TROLLEYS! There, I said it. The word may sound dirty to some and conjure up all kinds of terrible air hostess incidents, but fear not, these trolleys come bearing some of the most more-ish flavours and unique cocktail weaponry you ever did see. A great way for bars to offer a unique service to those with cocktail hankerings, these lovely little mobile monsters mean a bespoke experience, and all at your very table. 

So who's taking trolley's on board, you ask? Well, other than nearly everyone, here's a few bars that have adopted this unique craze:

  • Salvatore at Playboy: Not only is this cocktail trolley brimming with home made bitters, it's own freezer and boasting a slick glass work appeal, it's ran using a car battery. How's that for a fast cocktail service?
  • Honky Tonk: Made using an old roadie flight case, this is the rock and roll alternative to premium cocktail trolley, boasting everything from premium bottled beers to crafty cocktails.
  • The Connaught: It's simple, it's black, it has wheels and it's boasting subtle Speakeasy flair; perfect for after dark martini's at your table in one of the most luxurious hotel bars in London.