Callooh Callay Team Open Secret Den Of Rock Music and Lewis Carroll Themes

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The Palace of Humbug

The Palace of Humbug will open above Callooh Callay in early March.

From the man who brought London the award-winning Callooh Callay and amazing Little Bat, comes another new concept bar. Taking inspiration once again from Lewis Carroll's works, Richard Wynne and his team are opening secretive The Palace of Humbug above Shoreditch's Callooh Callay, in the former place of JubJub. Combining the likes of Alice in Wonderland and rock music, the seductive spot will be a hidey-hole den filled with neon signs, TVs screening iconic music concerts and a huge mural. 

Cocktails, as ever, will be at the forefront of The Palace of Humbug, with the menu focusing on emotions and feelings in order to create an experience rather than simply a series of drinks. Devised by manager Liam Broom, a former Diego World Class finalist, the menu is printed on acetate rendering it invisible until held up to the light, while drinks will not be named, rather only the ingredients are listed. The bar aims to make people step out of their comfort zone with concoctions that use a complete muddle of unusual flavours, from tequila and split milk through to whisky and marshmallows. With Callooh Callay named as one of the best bars in the world, we're expecting equally epic things from new date-perfect The Palace of Humbug.

The Palace of Hamburg will be open from Wednesday - Sunday (7pm -1am; Fri & Sat until 2am). Head to The Palace of Hamburg, Above Callooh Callay, 65 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3AY.