#SingleGuy - Date 3

The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town- Liverpool Street 

12-16, Artillery Lane, Shoreditch, London E1 7LS

Why it's great for a date:

In a quiet spot down an unassuming road near Liverpool street station, the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, is a ‘cool kids’ dream. Walking into a chain restaurant that wouldn’t be top of a list for a city dinner, the face of your date won’t be all that. But once you mutter the words ‘I’m here to see the Mayor’ to the door host and they swing open the big SMEG fridge door, behind them, your date should soon lighten up. Heading into a fridge and down into the dimly lit basement bar, it's a great conversation starter and the music and fun lasts all night!


The secret entrance to The Mayor

How the date went:

We arrived at about 18:30 on a Thursday evening straight from work, walking into the restaurant there wasn’t a single person eating and my date did question quite why I had chosen such a place… But once we got downstairs the night went perfectly. We were seated at a high table with large stools near the bar, and informed that everything was to be ordered through table service. Immediately our waitress introduced herself and brought over some flavoured water and took our order. She was great, offering plenty of advice on the house cocktails and food available.

All of the drinks were fantastic, and although we only ordered a small platter of food, it was also delicious and served impeccably. The setting really helped the date flow and upon leaving the bar and climbing out of the fridge, into the (by now very crowded) restaurant, we realised this was a date quite unlike either of us had ever had before.


The small, intimate and effortlessly cool interior

Date Summary:


The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is a fantastic place for a date, it will never be too crowded as they control how many people are allowed down (if you arrive later on in the evening, you will have to wait upstairs in the restaurant if it is busy downstairs - you cannot book) the staff are great and the cocktails and food top notch. The relaxed atmosphere is created through a good selection of music, dimly lit areas and alternative art on the walls. The atmosphere here isn’t as forced upon you as in some other underground basement bars and your night is able to flow be it for one drink or an all nighter! Do arrive early though to avoid disappointment.


"I really can’t sing the praises of this bar enough! The clientele, the staff, the ambience; all fantastic! I will definitely be returning, with the same girl or another… That’s yet to be decided!"