Have We Found London's Best Fish And Chips? This Mayfair Restaurant Could Tick All The Boxes

Get in, get the goods and get out – the age-old approach to a fish and chip run. There aren’t many things that can beat the feeling of hot, greasy paper burning your legs as you drive the precious cargo back home for the family to enjoy, or the smell that’s unleashed when you finally get to unravel that vinegar-soaked parchment and pile it onto a plate. Yep, the nostalgia runs deep when it comes to this British ritual, but we’ve found a place that, for once, will make you want to stick around to eat instead of rushing home. In terms of a restaurant’s location being juxtaposed with the food it serves, you can’t get more extreme than The Mayfair Chippy. On a mission to make one of the world’s most expensive districts more down to earth, this award-winning spot is dishing out an upgraded version of every Brit’s favourite takeaway. 

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The Mayfair Chippy reviews call this the best fish 'n' chips across the whole of London - but do we agree?

In true fish and chip shop fashion, the space is charmingly intimate, bringing people closer in a literal sense, which I think just adds to the informal, welcoming atmosphere. We bypassed the front terrace, with its marble tables and flowering shrubs – an otherwise perfectly pleasant place to sit if it wasn’t pouring with rain – and muscled our way inside past the out-the-door no-reservation queue. The bright, tasteful interiors were made up of classic chequerboard flooring, nautical wall art and colourful tiled tables – a blend of Scandi-chic and eclectic details. We shuffled to the back section of the restaurant, sitting almost shoulder-to-shoulder with the diners next door; again replicating that crammed-in feel of the typical takeaway establishment. 

The Mayfair Chippy menu was a seafood-lovers delight, with options that spanned far beyond the characteristic battered cod. We began with the Cornish salt and pepper squid (£10.25) – also available as a main – alongside a kedgeree scotch egg (£9.50) and baked sourdough with butter and smoked cod roe (£4.75). The squid was topped with chilli, coriander, lime and ginger, and served with a sweet and salty Thai dipping sauce, modernising the dish and subverting expectations of the traditionally British chippy. The scotch egg was another starter flaunting an international twist. ‘Kedgeree’ is a rice and smoked fish dish of Indian origin; this formed the mixture that was moulded around a boiled egg, dredged in a crumb coating and deep fried – ready to be dipped in curried mayonnaise for the ultimate fusion-of-flavours bite. The sourdough served as a palate cleanser, plus the smoked cod roe dip was surprisingly delicious and inoffensively fishy. 

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This restaurant proves that the classics are named so for a reason; just look at that batter.

I assume that for most Mayfair Chippy diners, the decision of what to have for mains isn’t a difficult one at all; the star of the menu has to be their classic fish and chips with the works (£22.50): mushy peas, tartar sauce, and a choice between HP gravy and chip shop curry sauce. There’s the option of cod or haddock, as well as a vegan and veggie version so everyone can achieve their perfect plate. This dish hit the mark with its moist flaky fish, light crispy batter (with not a soggy section in sight) and flavourful sides. We tried the two dips and can confirm that the HP gravy had a great depth, while the curry sauce was rich and elevated with a slight sweetness – we say get both.

Special mention goes to the other menu items which caught our eye: the fish finger butty and soft shell crab burger. But in the end, it had to be the lobster mac and cheese (£28.50) for our second main. In all honesty, it wasn’t what I’d hoped for; though the liberal amount of cheese almost distracted me from its faults, I couldn’t get past the macaroni and lobster not being chunky enough for my liking. However, it was nice and saucy, hit a 10 on the cheese pull scale, and the flavour was there. Shout out to the spiced tomato and tarragon relish served on the side. 

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You can find seafood many ways here, followed by equally comforting desserts.

Already bursting at the seams, we mustered up the strength to look at the dessert menu. Surprised to be tempted enough to consume anything else, we couldn’t resist trying out the sticky date pudding with toffee sauce and clotted ice cream (£8.95) and bread and butter pudding with apricot glaze and vanilla custard (£8.95). Both had savoury elements that muted the sweetness and neither were too rich or heavy – just what we needed after that almighty meal. 

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Towing the line between upmarket and casual, The Mayfair Chippy refuses to be defined by its location. It makes its own rules – and with a Michelin Guide accreditation under its belt, who are we to interfere? Knowing there’s a spotlight on its primary dish, the people in charge have made damn sure to perfect it. But if a mission to find the best fish and chips in London isn’t the reason for your visit, there are plenty of other belters on the menu to satisfy your need for levelled-up comfort food too.

  💰 The damage: £93 for a three-course meal for two.

  📍  The location: 14 N Audley Street, W1K 6WE.

  👌 Perfect for: A nostalgic dinner date fuelled by comfort food.

 ⭐ Need to know: They serve 'Afternoon Sea' here for tiers of seafood galore.


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