The JubJub Callooh Callay

From the 1st of March the upstairs member’s club to Callooh Callay bar in Shoreditch, known at 'The JubJub' is throwing away its members' keys for good, in order to open up its doors to a new concept; The Jubjub Does...

The JubJub Does introduces monthly and bi-monthly pop-up residencies in collaboration with different brands to produce some experimental and unique events, each running for few weeks at a time. 

Bar at Callooh Callay

Guests must enter the Callooh Callay bar on Rivington Street, go through the wardrobe, brush aside the velvet curtain at the back of the room and go up the stairs to the private room. Here, The Jubjub Does... will transform the space to accommodate the venue’s most recent event theme. Fun, huh?

For the launch of the first event, on 5th March (International Absinthe Day) The Jubjub Does...Absinthe and Oysters and will be transformed into a Parisian Absinthe House, boasting a variety of green fairy cocktails and freshly shucked oysters. This will give customers the chance to renew their taste buds throughout March with flavours they may not have experienced before. 

The Jubjub Does Promotion Poster

 But members, don’t despair just yet as there is one last perk for you before The Jubjub leaves behind its exclusivity days; A Swing Tag party (of sorts). Just take in your member’s key any time from March – May, attach your name tag on it, and drop it into the gramophone for a free beverage. There’s no better way to say Bon Voyage than a free drink, plus the rest of February will host the last Members Bar with Terry, the bartender of the month serving up special beer cocktails.

Now don't tell anyone we've told you, it's a secret after all...