As summer begins to shine on London, you will inveriably see a rise in fresh, fruity cocktails being served in the bars on London's best rooftops and in the top London beer gardens. However a fruity cocktail doesn't have to be pink and filled with fruit chunks and umbrellas! If you like your cocktails strong, with a sweet, fruit edge then The Hop Toad is one you must try...and it's so easy to make! 

The Hop Toad

40ml Apricot Brandy

30 ml freshly squeezed lime


Mix 40 ml of the Apricot Brandy to 30ml of freshly squeezed lime juice and pour into a rocks glass with some crushed or cracked ice. Serve with a fresh slice of lime. 

An Apricot Brandy I regularly use is The Bitter Truth Apricot brandy. It is all natural using the juice of sun ripened apricots. This ensures a gorgeously sweet and fruity flavour with a delicate background hint of almond from the apricot pit. These natural  apricot flavours more than hold their own in this easy to make €œstir and serve€ Hop Toad cocktail.