**NEWS UPDATE: Sadiq Khan has confirmed that Fabric WILL be re-opening. Check back for a confirmed opening date.**



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Could Fabric return to London's nightlife scene once more?

With the stark truth that London has lost over 50% of its nightclubs in the past eight years, it's no wonder the news of Fabric also having its license revoked hit the city hard. Held under more than tragic circumstances, the frustration that friends of the club felt due to its closure not only came down to a lack of understanding and cooperation on the part of the council, it came down to sheer realisation that London's nightlife scene is consistently becoming a target for developers and foes of the scene. 

Some light at the end of a bleak party tunnel? We're hopefully here to shine some of it. While Fabric's owner Cameron Leslie has yet to put concrete evidence to the claims, this Farringdon club could soon open its doors again as talks are currently being held in regards to re-opening the venue in the future.