Row across a canal filled with Aperol at the Big Spritz Social pop-up in Shoreditch

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

The Big Spritz Social Aperol Spritz pop-up

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the booze.

For the last two years, the rest of the country has celebrated the brief moments of genuine sunshine by burning to a crisp on every available patch of grass while drinking tinnies. But in London we pretty much foresake the supermarkets so we can drink our body weight in Aperol instead. Of course, it then falls to Shoreditch to take this city-wide obsession a million steps further by creating the largest ever Aperol Spritz pop-up complete with its own, fully-rowable Aperol canal.

Keeping things orange this summer, The Big Spritz Social is taking over Shoreditch Electric Light Station for seven nights, creating a playground for every Aperol-loving big kid. Obviously, there will be spritz aplenty – £6, with two cocktails included in your ticket price, from their massive bar - but there’s also a hipster-friendly Vespa carousel and a… slide, too. The Italian apertif want people to be social, so not only have they recruited the help of smooth summer DJs, they also have some healthy group discounts too. And here we come to the main event: the big Aperol canal, which you and your mates can actually row across while sipping cocktails. Oh London, you silly, silly city; never change.

The Big Spritz Social is coming to the Shoreditch Electric Light Station from Thursday 31st May to Friday 1st June, and then from Wednesday 6th June to Saturday 9th June 2018. Tickets start at £10.