A grimm cocktale; It's a squeeealer

Slaughtered Cocktail

Fresh from the Slaughter: No 9 Park Walk's pig's blood aperitif. Mmm yum... (image credits: http://www.standard.co.uk/)

First came cake cocktails, then came condiment concoctions, but now fish bits and animal blood ... say waht? Has London taken it a quirk too far this time or could this be a stroke of devilish genius? 

No. 9 Park Walk has gone all grimm cocktales on us delving into the dark depths of the ocean for some lurid libation inspiration with squid ink and baby octopus tentacles the staples of their seafood-style cocktail. Expect something salty guys! Following up this sordid sea life fare is the bars crowning glory known only as 'Slaughter'. If you're looking for a truly repulsive bevvy to get slaughtered on then look no further folks. Made with all the traditional trimmings of blood orange (no tomfoolery here for it is the genuine juice), cherry liqueur, crème de caco, black coffee and scotch, it's the final addition of PIG'S BLOOD that boils our very own veins in this one. You've got to be oinking mad. Is blood the new bitter? 

Bar manager Caolan Robertson claims, "It tastes like iron at first and is a bit meaty" ... (pause for involuntary gag reflex) ... "but at the end it tastes like nothing." 

Definitely one for an immersive Halloween experience if you're looking for some ideas of where to find some spooky shenanigans, but otherwise, leave the sad little squealer out of it. Oink out.