Sell Your Soul To The Kraken This Halloween in London

Added on . By Katie Houghton.

kraken halloween london 2018

Kraken have created a snake-venom cocktail in the party's honour.

Last October, four of the DesignMyNight team joined Kraken for their Screamfest bash. Did they scare us senseless with a parade creepy clowns? Yes. Did they screen Texas Chainsaw Massacre in one of East London's most beloved indie cinemas? Yes. Did they doll out Kraken cocktail after Kraken cocktail, all the while painting our faces to look like deranged circus clowns, disbarred from performing for the foreseeable future? Yes, they did.

So how about this year, Kraken?

Turning the Halloween dial up to horrifying, East London is in for another treat as Kraken has joined forces with immersive kings and queens at Les Enfants Terribles (the team behind Alice's Adventures Underground) for a free party that is 'set to test the most daring of thrill seekers'. The only catch? You'll have to sell your soul to get in. 

While secrets of the night will only be shared with those in attendance, only a week before they descend into the dark depths that Kraken and LET have created, there are a few things we can share. Not only will guests visit an underwater bar littered with creepin' sea creatures, all the while knocking back squid ink cocktails and one of the world's vert first snake venom mixes, there's a bloodcurdling boat ride to boot.

The Kraken 'Screamfest: The Ocean of Souls' is taking place in a secret East London location on Thursday 25th October. Tickets are free and include free drinks/entertainment all night, but you'll have to snap them up quick.