Secret Cinema Brings Bond To Life With Their Latest Movie Experience

Last updated . By Olivia Cheves.

Secret Cinema Casino Royale

Catch Daniel Craig's first stint as the iconic character both on-screen and all around you at Secret Cinema's latest experience.

Let's take a trip back to 2006: a time of bird flu, Blu-rays and Tony Blair.

This was the year that Daniel Craig first assumed the Bond mantle, washing up on film history's shores in nothing but a blue Speedo and a scowl, and this June the notorious Secret Cinema are bringing the actor's first foray into Bond to a 2019 audience with their latest film extravaganza.

Having gone behind the screens of musicals, zombie flicks and the biggest action and adventure classics of all time, the immersive-movie-makers will be inviting you to the world of Casino Royale this summer. Taking you from the markets of Madagascar, to the depths of MI6's London headquarters you'll be given a bespoke Bond-worthy character and a mission all of your own for the evening. So whether you're casing the casino floor with a perfectly shaken martini, or going hell-for-leather in the criminal underworld, Secret Cinema will be bringing all that movie magic to life in an unmissable event.

Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale runs from the 5th of June to the 22nd of September at a secret London location. Show time runs from 6pm-11pm and tickets start from £49pp.