Saucier than most - Miss Polly Rae: Between the Sheets Review

Last updated . By Faith Strickland.

Miss Polly Rae: Between the Sheets

Miss Polly Rae: Between the Sheets is running as part of the Underbelly Festival at Southbank.

From up and coming stand-ups to art collectives that push boundaries, Underbelly Festival has seen it all. The merging of two big names (Udderbelly and London Wonderground festivals), this year's offerings have been just as eclectic and fun as previous years. One show that ticks all sorts of boxes is Miss Polly Rae: Between the Sheets, a scorching mix of cabaret, burlesque, comedy and dance.

Taking place in the venue's giant spiegeltent, the show is a sumptuous circus; acrobats spring and dangle, apparently unaffected by the gravity that keeps most of us cumbersome on the earth. Our compere and hostess for the evening is the headliner, Miss Polly Rae, a scarlet-haired showgirl who flits between crowd and stage, one moment setting punters' hearts racing with her quips, the next minute belting out a tune. It is this flexibility that sets the tone for the entire night, as performers appear from the roof, walking through the audience or dancing in a giant cocktail glass on stage.

Between the Sheets is inspired by all that goes on under the covers, which doesn't stop with sexy, but encompasses all those intimate moments, from love down to silliness and giggles. Along with more standard burlesque fare, such as fire dancing and a even raunchier take on Magic Mike, the show includes a gorgeous modern dance piece on love and hilarious stand up from the utterly brilliant Lily Snatchdragon. Whether you're a newby to the world of burlesque or have been around the block a few times, Miss Polly Rae: Between the Sheets is an exciting and intoxicating show that hits big with its talented mix of performers, impressive stage management and fun atmosphere.

Miss Polly Rae: Between the Sheets is taking place at Underbelly Festival, 30 The Queen's Walk, Lambeth, London, SE1 8XX, on 8th and 29th September 2017. Tickets start from £22.50.