Part Of The Club: Do We Want To Sign Up For Saint Luke's Table?

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If James Bond or any BBC political drama is to be believed, private members clubs are reserved for people who still call their father ‘daddy’ and wear gilets inside the city. But it’s not all white-haired old Etonians; opened little more than 5 years ago LIBRARY in Covent Garden is a stylish and modern club that combines an eclectic events calendar with fancy bedrooms. I went along to their new opening, Saint Luke’s Table to see if this exclusive space is worth the fee.

Saint Luke's Table LIBRARY Review

Fresh, sturdy British dishes make up the menu of Saint Luke's Table.

From the hardback-filled foyer to the tome on every table in the basement, LIBRARY is serious about its dedication to books. And while they look great on the walls, the musical history wedge on my table provided ample distraction while I waited for my dinner date in the tiny room. It’s an intimate experience, with one long banquette seating providing space for around 16, and the windowless restaurant lit with soft lamps and candles. And as sexy as the room is, it’s the menu that had us swooning; a British seasonal list sturdy enough to last several rounds in the ring.

Fish and game take centre stage (there’s a fully vegan menu too), without being too heavy. A neat circle of avocado and crab (£15) was served chilled, made even fresher with a sweet layer of orange and topped with sun blushed tomatoes, while seared scallops (£16) were richer thanks to the cauliflower mash infused with truffle. The mains stuck to the same ‘quality over quantity’ ethos; monkfish (£24) was kept simple with a squeeze of lemon and a handful of red roasted peppers, and the lamb rump (£24) has us googly eyed as a snap of pecorino cheese crunched against parsnip crisps and a thick artichoke puree. Don’t bother looking at the wine list, French sommelier and all-round angel, Jean-Baptiste is on hand to personalise each dish with his favourite glass.

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As someone who lives on scrambled eggs in order to fund an ASOS habit, private membership isn't quite within my reach. But Saint Luke's Table is giving you a taste of the good life without having to commit by opening up dinner reservations to the public. The menu sings with hits and the service is flawless; this spot has 'special occasion' written all over it.