Pub-Scented Candles Are Here To Banish Your Lockdown Blues

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

Pub Scented Candle

Nights in that smell like nights out? We salute that kind of lockdown innovation.

Sure, the frothy pints, charming locals and sun-dappled gardens have their appeal, but the thing we miss most about the pub? The smell. Yes, the familiar and comforting aroma of slightly soured booze, copious amounts of Mr Sheen and chip fat wafting from the kitchen... it’s enough to make you teary-eyed.

Luckily, there’s now some light at the end of this (pub-free) tunnel. No, BoJo hasn’t had a change of heart, but it’s pretty much the next best thing - you can now buy a pub-scented candle.

Hand-poured in London, this candle contains notes of spilt beer, hair pomade and sticky carpets, along with salted pork scratchings and urinal blocks for those with well-trained noses. The brainchild of Scents of Normality, The Local is one of a three-part collection, with cinema and festival-themed delights completing the trio.

Coming in at £45, it’s not the cheapest wax on the block, although, that being said, it also won't cost much more than a night down the actual boozer. And with profits going towards Hospitality Action? It'll probably make you feel a bit better than an actual night out too. 

The Local is available to purchase online from Scents of Normality and costs £45. All proceeds from the sale go towards Hospitality Action, a charity that offers help to those who work within the hospitality industry. Looking for more at-home inspo? Check out our guide to creating your very own DIY pub here.