Shipping containers: reserved for bleak British crime dramas, Batman backdrops, the global handling industry, and good grub. And kidnapping, but don't do that, kidnapping is bad.

While most are familiar with the shipping container skyline found at Boxpark in Shoreditch, yet has Brixton encouraged its residents to booze in boxes of steel, until now. Almost echoing the East London outfit, Pop Brixton gives South London their own dose of industrial indie as planning permission confirmed in 2014 will see this hubbub freight shapes make a community tailored home of bars, catering units and live events spaces this summer 2015. 

pop brixton shipping street food london

Some of the sister to Boxpark, Pop Brixton boasts steel bones and street food innards.

Hailed as low-cost and low-energy, and cultivated by Carl Turner Architects, Pop Brixton is a space of rectangular shapes that will aim to echo the community spirit that Brixton is known to boast, be that live events, campus spaces for start-ups, street food, or community gardening strategies. Brixton's street food scene also gets another sweet gabble of guests too, as Pop Brixton brings about residencies from the likes of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, Miss P’s Barbecue and Donostia Social Club. Personally, I think this injection of South London locations is welcomed. While cheese chops have been chased out and Champagne plots shoved, the community focus of Pop Brixton seems both humble and exciting, and delicious at that too.

"Working with our tenants and the community, we want to transform the existing site into a multi-purpose space. Pop Brixton will be a distinct blend of enterprise and culture with a local focus. The units will become a platform for business, training and employment, as well as providing a new outdoor space for the local community to spend time."