Where To Get The Viral Giant Croissant In London

Philippe Conticini Giant Croissant | DesignMyNight

Philippe Conticini sells giant croissants in the heart of South Kensington.

If you haven't seen the viral videos of Londoners dipping giant croissants into normal sized cups of coffee - where have you been? 

The London foodie scene has been hit hard with the giant croissant craze, and we're not mad about it. Philippe Conticini is a swish South Kensington patisserie in the heart of the French district that's going viral all over TikTok and Instagram for its supreme croissant.  These bad boys cost £25 and are described as the perfect sharer between friends and family (or as a one person feast - no judgement here). 

However, you can't just stroll in and order. The XXL croissant is only available for preorder - yes, they're that popular.

And for another £25, you can even bag yourself a giant pain au chocolat, in case you're wanting an extra delicious dose of French pastry. 

The big smoke is full of amazing places to grab a cake and a coffee, check out these cute cafes in London for some extra inspiration. For more information on the foodie scene, stay in the loop by signing up to our newsletter.