#SingleGuy - Date 1

Oxo Tower Bar - South Bank



Why it's great for a date:

The OXO Tower Bar is located perfectly on the South Bank to drop in for a few cocktails after a day of culture at the galleries/theatres, or a as a destination date. Arriving at the venue, through a lift up to the 8th floor, always gives an air of exclusivity and the views are instantly impressive. The service from the staff in the bar area and the restaurant is always very personal and sure to lead to a relaxed night.


The views from OXO Tower Bar are beautiful.



How the date went:

We went to the OXO tower about 4:30pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon; we ordered our first round of cocktails and enquired about sitting outside to eat dinner later on in the evening. Food service didn't start until 6pm, so we reserved a table outside on the balcony, and drank in the bar whilst waiting. All the staff were fantastic, even talking my date through how to make the perfect Martini she ordered, and were very attentive at dinner. (However please note the pianist doesn't take requests, as my slightly tipsy date found out from one of the waitresses!)


The cocktail menu and views at the Oxo Tower bar is exceptional.


Date Summary:

The cocktail menu at the Oxo Tower bar is exceptional. The Pimms comes with more fruit than your local green grocers, the Martini€™s mixed to perfection and the Dark & Stormy whiskey cocktails are exactly that, with a fiery kick of ginger! The atmosphere in the bar is very unpretentious for somewhere so impressive; from groups of suited men obviously drinking and dining for business, to tourist couples dropping in from the streets below. As you would expect, it isn€™t a trainer and t-shirt type bar, but then you€™re there on a date €¦ so you€™re not wearing that anyway, are you !?


The atmosphere in the bar is very unpretentious for somewhere so impressive.


The views are great, the atmosphere is chilled and if you decide to stay on for food, the Pork Belly was unbelievable!



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