A chill is in the air and that can only mean one thing the annual Coca Cola "Holidays Are Coming" ads of course!

As our favourite holiday approaches we are giving away our first Christmas gift to all our designers in the form of some valuable and exciting bar news (you can pull this little fact out to impress your friends €“ yes you with your finger on the pulse)! Global clubbing brand and House music fashionistas Hed Kandi have decided enough is enough and it€™s time to launch the very first Hed Kandi bar (click for more details) in the UK! Did a wave of excitement just hit you? €“ good, I thought so.  Hed Kandi nights are legendary world over and to have a daily offering of it on our door step is very exciting news indeed. They have opted for South of the River and will occupy space on the busy and lively Clapham High Street. This is a great addition to the Clapham Bar scene and will be drawing the central London clubbing crowd down to the cool southern nightlife strip.

There will be of course the feel-good funky house sets from the Hed Kandi DJs at the weekends and will be more chilled during the week. The key date to look out for is November 19th; this is the Hed Kandi Bar launch party date and will be open and rocking from this day forward €“ Visit their Facebook page here to try get on that all important guest list, click here. Designmynight will be heading down and will let you all know if this is one the hottest club spots in London.

Leaving Clapham we go to Shoreditch; never one to be  to be outdone in the new bar stakes, Shoreditch is boasting the launch of the exciting new Tokyo-inspired Glo Glo€™s Bar. This cool new london bar boasts colour-changing ceiling panels and an intimate but edgy bar atmosphere. Exotic drinks and cutting edge Japanese dishes will keep you coming back for more.   Who does design and novelty better than the Japanese?  Haven€™t been yet €“ so looking for some insight from our designers €“ leave a review and let us know how it is. The Reviewer or Matthew, from the designmynight team, will be heading down soon to check it out!

Continuing on the new london bar theme, I can€™t complete this blog without a mention of another cracker, The NightJar. Destined to be the hottest new Jazz and Caberet (maybe they were inspired by this summer€™s movie showing at Somerset house?!) bar in the East End, bringing the cool speakeasy style bar right into the heart of Old Street. This opening highlights a trend in the evolution  of Shoreditch bars from the standard arty/indie bar that was popular in the last 5 years, to something that is a little bit out of the ordinary. Any bar that serves a cocktail called the BBC and is delivered in a waft of Absinth smoke is worth a trip - would I ever lead you down the wrong garden path? Designmynight review coming soon! 

Another little nugget of information I have come across involves Cobra Beer getting in on the festive spirit: They have decided to support National Curry Week (21-25th November), how kind of them? Yes well if your stomach can handle it, order yourself a nice big Cobra Beer and bag yourself a 2 for 1 Curry deal in participating venues. Sign up at their microsite here.

My final shout this week regards the hottest sporting event about to hit our lives, The Ashes 2010! Bring on the all-nighter€™s tuned in and down the pub absorbing what promises to be one of the most exciting Australian v England series in years. Legendary nights will be had, sparking tales of €œthat night we stayed up all night watching the ashes 2010€, but the big questions is, which pub can I watch the Ashes at?! Don€™t worry, we are on it and have some recommend London Ashes Pubs tips for you. Despite the obvious Australian bias, The Walkabout will be full of banter and beers and of course The Sports Café will be showing every ball. We also have it on good authority that The Alexandra in Clapham could have their arm twisted to show it all night if there is enough demand. For more recommended london pubs for watching the ashes cricket 2010, click here.