Karate chopping its way into Central London this summer is Pimpshuei - an old school Kung Fu movie themed cocktail bar. This very original venture is the first of its kind in many ways, as founder and creator; Sipheng You is using a crowdsourcing campaign to get the bar set up. Crowdsourcing is a campaign method that, rather than relying on one backer, means anyone can contribute donations to the bar. With a reward system set up to give something back to all givers, from fortune cookies to hoodies and a life-long 50% discount off of drinks!

PimpShuei kung fu cocktail bar

PimpShuei is a groundbreaking London bar in so many ways.

Cool and quirky, at PimpShuei the decor will depict the retro martial arts movies that Sipheng You is so passionate about. This fun-time party bar will not only be a Kung Fu movie fanatic’s paradise; it will have popular Asian video games and hints of Manga, plus further exotic notes of the Far Eastern culture throughout. Their happily affordable drinks and tasty grub will be offered with the famously affable service of the East to funky tunes that’ll help create the fun-time, yet chilled atmosphere.

As a premier bar of its kind it will be exciting to track the progress of PimpShuei; who know, you might even meet Jackie Chan propping up the bar. If you want to contribute to the unique opening of this great new London bar, then click here.