Midnight Apothecary Named As One Of The Most Sustainable Bars In The World

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The seriously cute Midnight Apothecary has had its sustainable credentials recognised.

Turns out there's more to the Brunel Museum's terrace bar than just a pretty face. Midnight Apothecary, the charming outdoor pop-up, has had its renewable credentials recognised by The Cocktail Service in 'A Complete Guide To Sustainable Cocktails'. From sourcing beer from nearby Bermondsey brewers, including the likes of Hiver honey beer, through to using hollow stems of wheat for their straws, the campfire cutie has been ranked at number seven in the world and in the top five for London.

Open Friday and Saturday nights in Rotherhithe, the bar has long peddled eco-friendly approaches, with cocktail ingredients foraged from the local area or picked from the onsite garden by founder and cocktail gardener, Lottie Muir. Check out the intimate spot for yourself; tickets are available here, and along with entry include a guided tour into the incredible Brunel's Grand Entrance Hall.

Midnight Apothecary is open Friday and Saturday at Brunel Museum, Railway Avenue, London, SE16 4LF. Tickets start from £4 and include a guided tour.