Maxwell's Burger Cheesebomb is priced at £13.95 and comes with a generous helping of salted fries.

Advocates of the life's too short mantra and laughing in the face of heart disease, the team at Maxwell's Bar and Grill have launched a new dish that could prove too hearty for even the most experienced eater; enter Maxwell's Burger Cheesebomb.  

The dish is composed of a 6oz prime beef patty in a toasted brioche bun, served with shredded lettuce, crispy bacon, red onion and the venue's own special secret sauce. Really pushing the dish to the limit, the entire burger is then covered in a wave of thick, melted cheddar cheese. Dirty, heavy and certain to leave you with a yellow, cheese-stained smile, this burger is definitely not for the tame. Go big or go home, no regrets!

You can try the Burger Cheesebomb at Maxwell's in Covent Garden. The burger is priced at £13.95 and comes with a portion of salted french fries.