Secret Sips: Does M&M's World Have A Hidden Cocktail Bar?

Published . By Lisa Moore.

Secret Cocktail Bar In M&M World | Leicester Square London | DesignMyNight

We searched for a chocolatey secret.

If taking a trip to M&M’s World on a Saturday is not high up on your agenda, and to be honest, we would understand why, then we may have something that’ll sweeten the situation. We’ve received word that there’s a secret bar. Yep, that’s right, a bright green hideout serving colourful tipples, tucked away in Leicester Square.

The neon. The carnage. The sheer amount of E numbers. It’s enough to confuse us all. But a concealed cocktail hangout? That, we can really get on board with.

TikTok is awash with conspiracies. From those who say it's actually a staff room to whispers about secret elevators and even talk of pushing dispensers to reveal the hidden room. Maybe it’s all part of an elaborate plan by comedians Stuart Laws and Evelyn Mok? But if it is, we're ready to go for it.

If you manage to crack the code, let us know on Twitter. 

M&M’s World isn’t really a hidden gem, but in case you didn’t know, it’s right near Leicester Square at 1 Swiss Court, London, W1D 6AP. For those of you gagging for more super-secret bars, click here.