dance tunnel closure

Dance Tunnel's upcoming closure has left a bad taste in Hackney's mouth. 

Coming in at a charming 220 strong, and one of the most intimate basement clubs in Dalston, Dance Tunnel has worked its way up the ranks to become one of the most beloved in East London; but London's licensing laws have other ideas. Another London venue that is knelt at the grips of city regulations, Dance Tunnel has been unable to get the support from Hackney council to deliver the hours it needs to be considered sustainable in the long term. 

Due to close this August, Dance Tunnel's plethora of DJ nights, promoter events and parties are due to be cut short. a sight that's all too familiar within the current hospitality climate due to regular noise violation hinderences, planning notifications and unjust demolition; take the Alchemist in Battersea for example, knocked down by property developers without permission before it had the chance to be redeveloped, or the story of Plastic People, or the roaring overturn of music venue closures in the city.

Want to help support the cause, and petition against the closure of Dance Tunnel in Hackney? Sign up here.