The Summer is all about taking a big leap outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. Where better to do this than in London, a city that prides itself on being a diverse hotbed of different ideas. Playing a major role in this is the capital's culinary community. From the spice of the Subcontinent to the heat of the South, an army of talented chefs have produced an array of unique dishes, making the capital a smorgasbord city of cultures. This Summer, be a bit bold and tuck into some of the most unusual and wonderfully weird burgers on offer. Using different ingredients, condiments and meats, London's chefs have really let their creativity flow, adding a number of surprising twists to this classic dish. Here are 5 of the most unusual, yet delicious burgers around.

Ramen Katsu Burger

For a Far Eastern twist, be sure to try the Ramen Katsu Burger. This burger laughs in the face of the traditional burger bun, and instead makes use of two Ramen nests to produce a bizarre, yet delicious dish. Created by Chef Keizo Shimamoto, the Ramen nests are created by crisping patties of noodles in sesame oil on a griddle; by firming them up like this, they're able to hold the succulent beef and crisp salad innards of the burger together. To try this spectacular creation, pay a visit to the London Bridge based eatery, Wawa.

Ramen, Burger, Ramen Burger, London, UnusualRamen burgers are a growing phenomenon and are now available in many of London's Japanese restaurants. 

Waffle Burger

Definitely one for anyone with a sweet tooth, the Waffle Burger perfectly combines the savoury taste of the meat with the sweet flavour of the mouth-watering waffles. A great spot to try this delectable dish is the Shoreditch-based restaurant, Bird. Using boneless chicken thigh, their waffle burger consists of thick cut bacon, American cheese, crispy shallots, Canadian maple syrup and classic hot sauce, all held together between two cheddar and onion waffles. Packed full of ingredients, this rich, calorific dish will definitely leave your tastebuds tingling.

waffle burger, waffle, Bird, Unusual burger, london, london summerHeld together by two cheddar and onion waffles, the Waffle Burger at Bird is bursting full of flavour. 

Charcoal Burger

A quirky treat from the Orient, the Charcoal Burger uses a whole range of intriguing ingredients to produce a pretty special dish. This masterpiece is constructed using two different processes. First, the ink of a squid is mixed with balsamic vinegar and ketchup to produce a thick, black paste that's used as a marinade for the burger meat. Next, the iconic black buns are created using Bamboo charcoal, which is powdered and then mixed into the flour mixture used to make typical bread buns. The team at Bull in a China Shop have perfected this process and now boast one of the most delicious, albeit slightly odd-lookings burgers in the capital.  

charcoal burger, bull in a china shop, squid ink, unusual burgers, londonDon't be put off by the colour, the Charcoal burger is a treat for anyone bold enough to take the plunge.

The Pork Boom

If you constantly find yourself daydreaming about white sand beaches and clear blue seas, the Pork Boom burger might be able to help. Although not usually accepted as a boarding pass, one bite of this burger will immediately slingshot you across the Atlantic to the serene beaches of the Caribbean. The burger is produced by Jamaican burger specialists Boom Burger, and brilliantly stacks fried pineapple, rocket and Jerk sauce ontop of slow-cooked pork belly. Distinct in taste, this sizzling Jamaican treat is well worth a try.

porkbelly, pork boom, boom burger, unusual burger, london burgersThe sweetness of the fried pineapple contrasts brilliantly with the spice of the jerk sauce, really bringing the Pork Boom burger to life.

The Doughnut Burger 

Dripping in glaze and bursting full of flavour, the Doughnut Burger throws the rule book out the window by combining a whole bunch of ingredients. Made up of two steak burgers covered in double cheese, peppered bacon and an unique hot sauce, it's held together by two heavily glazed doughnuts. Nowhere does this sweet-and-savoury spectacular better than Red's True Barbecue in Shoreditch. Without a doubt one of the richest burgers on the earth, the calorific Doughnut Burger will certainly leave a lasting impression on you.

doughnut burger, unusual burger, red's true barbecue, london burgerDefinitely a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, the Doughnut Burger perfectly marries the sweetness of the sugary glaze with the savoury taste of the burger's meat.