Fine French Dining With An International Twist: We Tried Out Dubai's Hottest Export In Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is known for its designer shops and affluent housing market, so it's no surprise that a high-end French eatery would fit right in. Having been popular in Dubai for a number of years and attracting quite a buzz on social media, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to try La Maison Ani's London menu, as this stylish new destination opened less than two weeks before my visit. After hearing great things about Chef Izu's original restaurant, I couldn't wait to see what they were cooking up in the capital.

La Maison Ani London Interior | DesignMyNight

La Maison Ani reviews are in, and they all agree it's gorgeous.

You know you're in for a classy experience here from the beginning, as straight away we were greeted by someone opening the door for us, and shown to a check-in desk where the friendly hosts took us to our seats. Walking through the large dining area, I was impressed by the ornate gold decor all over the room, as well as the stunning chandeliers and individual lamps bringing warm lighting to everyone's tables. They've certainly maintained the top-quality hospitality from their Dubai outpost, as we couldn't have asked for more attentive waiters, and there was an air of sophistication across every aspect of our meal.

We kicked off the evening with a round of cocktails, and my choice was the Violette (£17): a tall drink that mixed gin with creme de violet, lemon juice and soda, finished by an egg white foam. This had an elegant, refreshing taste and a pretty lilac colour, but the flavour was a little milder than I expected. My partner chose a Gourmandise (£22), a fiery mezcal concoction that was made up of heavy cream, lemon, sugar and a berry mix - combining to create a fruity but spicy blend.

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Paris, Dubai and Knightsbridge all blend into one here.

It was difficult to narrow down our order, as the La Maison Ani menu was absolutely huge, with a large number of dishes to cater to every dietary requirement. We both eventually decided on soup to start, the first of which was a classic French onion (£12). Fine strips of onion were swimming in a salty, garlic-heavy broth, topped with two small pieces of toasted baguette that were covered in tangy Gruyere cheese. Our second option was lentil soup (£12), a rich, smooth blend finished with chilli oil and served alongside a soft, buttered baguette.

Next up: the main event. There was once again a big decision on our hands, but I was easily swayed by the gnocchi (£24) - pillowy bites of potato pasta coated in a creamy sauce made of fresh tomato and burrata, with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves dotted throughout the bowl as well. My main was without a doubt one of the best gnocchi dishes I've ever had, and it paired well with our flavourful, cheesy side of potato dauphinois (£9). My dinner date sampled one of their many meaty dishes instead - the Izu chicken burger (£18). This was a thin, tender cut of chicken with a light breadcrumb coating, laden with smooth Emmental cheese and tartar sauce on a fresh, squishy bun, served with skinny, crispy fries.

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You're spoiled for choice on the La Maison Ani Knightsbridge menu.

If you've ever been disappointed by the dessert selection at a restaurant, then you'll understand how happy I was to see two whole pages of sweet treats to select from. The first of our two picks was the caramel cheesecake (£16), also available in passionfruit or red fruit flavour. It was stacked high with a sweet, creamy cheese mix that had almost a glassy finish to it, paired with a large pot of caramel sauce to pour on at our leisure. This was absolutely delicious, though we both wished that there was slightly more of biscuit base. Lastly, we also tucked into a blondie (£9): a thick slice of half-cookie, half-cake like consistency that had a mouthwatering brown sugar flavour, topped with indulgent pieces of milk chocolate.

The DesignMyNight Digest

La Maison Ani's Knightsbridge opening date may not have been long ago, but they're already making quite the impression for themselves in the capital, with plenty of social media presence. But did it live up to the hype? I'd say, if anything, it exceeded it. The upmarket atmosphere felt classy but not stuffy, with friendly staff and subtle yet gorgeous interiors adding to the experience. But the food was the real star of the show here, and I would certainly go back in a heartbeat.

  💰 The damage: £139 for three courses, a side and a cocktail each.

  📍  The location: The Carlton Tower, 1 Cadogan Place, London SW1X 9PY

  👌 Perfect for: A high-end meal with down-to-earth dishes.

 ⭐ Need to know: They serve a tasty breakfast here too.


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