Jamies Wine Bar in London

Wine bars in London are set to see an increase in demand for Craft Wines.

Move over craft beer, word on the street is that there is a new player in the independent drinks market. As more and more craft wines pop up in various wine bars in London, the trend for independently produced wines is catching on. It would seem that the rise of craft beers and craft ciders across London, has led drinkers to look to expand their taste buds, and now wine drinkers are looking to do the same by tapping into the unusual production methods and rare grape varieties that are present in craft wines.

Independent Winemakers, or Micro-Wineries, are gaining ground on the big wine producers that have dominated the scene for decades, and lesser known wines like Crash, a fruity, Spanish Red blend, with a distinctive art-pop label, have begun taking prominence amongst their better known cousins.

The wine world as we know it might be about to change, watch this space!