An Immersive Monopoly Experience Is Coming To London

Published . By Anisah Audu.

Monopoly Lifesized Pop-Up London | DesignMyNight

Go to jail? Take a chance? Monopoly just got a makeover.

Remember all those hours spent collecting coloured cards, building houses and flipping boards once your brother pipped you to Mayfair? Just us? Well, it's time to roll the dice once again as Hasbro Inc reinvents one of our favourite games with Monopoly Lifesized.

Joining forces with a creative production team who have designed sets for the likes of Secret Cinema, Hasbro is gearing up for a live-action version of the iconic board game. Passing go to Tottenham Court Road, the Monopoly experience promises four different boards complete with themed challenge rooms and community chest games. Take your pick from the luxury, city, classic or junior boards as you race against the clock.

The interactive elements don't end there though; after your 80 minute game, check out themed restaurant and bar, The Top Hat, which fronts tasty food, bespoke cocktails, and more. Thirsty? The Mayfair will keep you watered, as the VIP bar has space for 24 big kids.

All we need now is free parking. 

Monopoly Lifesized is located at 213-15 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7PS. For more unusual activities, consult our list of London's quirkiest activities.