Creative In Crisis: How UK Bars, Hotels And Restaurants Are Helping Support The NHS And Its Staff

Published . By Tom Edwards.

It's safe to say that the UK hospitality scene hasn't had it easy these past few weeks; a scene with its heart on its sleeve, it has been hit exceptionally hard by the lockdown measures in place across the UK. Looking after itself in this time of crisis? You can expect anything but. Acknowledging that the NHS is going through its fair share of knocks, the UK hospitality scene has found itself found and centre in support of the nation's superheroes. To make sure we're sharing their incredible initiatives? We've built an active list of all the UK bars and restaurants doing their part for NHS staff up and down the country. 


Offer: 50% off

Normally our favourite place to pick up some vegan junk food goodness, by CHLOE. is one of the best spots to get some vegan fried chicken. Fortunately for NHS staff, by CHLOE. is offering 50% off for both delivery and collection orders. With locations in Covent Garden, Tower Bridge, Oxford Circus and The O2, there’s plenty of places all around the city to redeem this tasty offer.

by chloe food offer uk restaurants for the NHS

NHS staff can snap up some of London's best vegan food at a steal. 

Big Drop Brewing Co.

Offer: 30% off delivery

As far as I’m concerned, now is certainly the ideal time for a drink: a BIG one. However, for our NHS staff, Big Drop Brewing Co. are masters at brews with much lower alcohol content still with fantastic taste. With a motto of ‘To Drink. Not to be drunk.’, meet the perfect beer for hardworking staff.

big drop nhs beer delivery uk

Low ABV beers at low prices for the NHS.

Hotel Football and Stock Exchange Hotel

Offer: Rooms for NHS staff

Up in Manchester, they’re pulling out all the stops for NHS heroes. Needing a place to stay closer to work? No problem. Gary Neville, co-owner of both Hotel Football and the Stock Exchange Hotel has opened up both hotels for NHS staff, freeing 176 beds. With the hotels both being operated as normal, if you’re working for the NHS and needing to self-isolate from family who may be ill then these are the spots for you. 

Millennium Hotel on Stamford Bridge

Offer: Rooms for NHS staff

For the huge number of NHS staff in North-West London, Chelsea’s Millenium hotel is offering up potentially ALL of their rooms for NHS staff, a lot of whom are working around the clock. Expect sleek, cushy and clean rooms - available ideally in Central-West London. 

Casa Do Frango

Offer: Free food.

No, we’re not pulling your leg - chicken leg, to be precise. London’s highly-acclaimed Portuguese restaurant is opening its doors (for collection only) to offer NHS cardholders half a peri-peri chicken, delicious portion of fries and a special in-house baked dessert. Suffice to say, NHS staff definitely won’t be going hungry. Take a little bit of Portuguese positivity home today or alternatively, treat yourself to a hearty lunch if you’re working in the London Bridge area.

casa do frango london nhs restaurant support

Free food for the NHS? Caso Do Frango have it covered.


Offer: Rooms for NHS staff

Claridges of London has made the decision to transform into a luxurious refuge for the NHS staff who are unable to stay at home at present. Expect the five-star treatment as your room will include breakfast and dinner throughout your stay. As if this weren’t enough, the kitchens of Claridges hotel are also busy making meals for the NHS which are being delivered through the Helpforce charity.

claridges london luxury hotel support nhs

London's most luxury hotel is helping NHS staff relax at night.


Offer: Free takeaway coffees

Normally our favourite Instagrammable coffee joint, Grind is now offering complimentary takeaway coffees to NHS cardholders. This offer can be redeemed in their Shoreditch, Exmouth Market or Greenwich locations, so it’s easier than ever for our NHS heroes to grab a quick cup of organic coffee, all sourced from sustainable farms.

grind london support nhs coffee shops

Coffee for the NHS? Grind are here to help.

Yard Sale Pizza

Offer: Feed NHS staff by pizza donation

If you aren’t an NHS worker but you want a ‘slice’ of the action, Yard Sale Pizza is offering a fantastic gift voucher system. Simply spend £10, £20 or £50 and you’ll feed 7, 14 or 36 NHS staff, respectively. Beginning in Hackney with just a small pizza oven, offer out a ‘slice’ (yes we used that twice) of East London to the hard-working staff of the NHS. Give the hospitality industry a helping hand by clicking on this link here.

yard sale pizza london nhs support

Do your part and buy a pizza from Yard Sale for NHS staff.

Black Ivy Hotel Edinburgh

Offer: Free rooms for NHS staff and 50% off food and drinks 

For our readers up in Scotland, the hospitality industry doesn’t stop its work there. NHS cardholders can expect a room to stay in absolutely free of charge. Whether you can’t quite make it home after work or you just need some breathing time, the Black Ivy Hotel has opened its doors for you. In addition, expect a hearty 50% off both food and drink bought from the hotel.

black ivy nhs hotel uk edinburgh

Beautiful and thoughtful, Black Ivy are giving Scotland's NHS staff the rest they deserve.