Since signing to Hospital in 2003, Dan Gresham aka Nu:Tone has come through the ranks to become one of the most highly respected producers in the scene. Nu:Tone remixes are always guaranteed to please - whether it's the retro soul of his Spread Love anthem or the junglist wobble of his "Strictly Social" re-rub. 

His debut album, Brave Nu World (2005), had all the Drum + Bass big players supporting it: DJ legend Norman Jay MBE and Tom Middleton also made Nu:Tone a favourite of their eclectic sets. This industry buzz soon saw Nu:Tone go global. 2007 saw his second album, Back of Beyond, get further critical acclaim calling it, "the perfect marriage of accelerated junglist funk and cooled-out 70s melody". Early in 2010, Dan€™s anthemic 12€ release €˜Hyper Hyper/Set Me Free€™ set the world on fire, championed by Sub Focus and featured on the €˜Hospitality D+B 2010€™. 2011 sees the release of Dan's 3rd album on Hospital: The highly anticipated album 'Words + Pictures€™ is Dan's most ambitious project yet. 

Dan Gresham aka Nu:Tone


I was delighted to speak to Dan and get an insight into his world behind and away from the decks:

1) Your most memorable set ever and why?

Probably the final time I played at Matter at the O2 €“ I arrived at 4:55, five minutes before I was due to play, expecting an exhausting and dwindling crowd.  The venue was packed, and stayed that way until I finished at 6!


2) What is your favourite area of London in the day and night?

Brockwell Park is lovely on a Sunday afternoon, and I love Brick Lane in the evening, especially for a sneaky bagel at 4 in the morning!


3) Where in the UK do you go to get away from everything?

I live in the middle of the east Anglian countryside, surrounded by fields on 4 sides, so I only need to go home to escape the world.


4) Who are the three most influential musical acts/djs for you?

Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Donald Fagan


5) Favourite London club to DJ in?

Fabric, hands down!


6) Favourite place to have a night out in London on a budget?

A walk down the South Bank


7) Favourite DJ, you personally love going to see play?

DJ Marky at his Marky & Friends residency at Fabric.


8) Favourite hangover cure?

A pint of water and 2 ibuprofen before bed. It never fails!


9) London cab or Oyster Card?

Cab €“ sorry, I€™m lazy!


10) Drink of choice on a night out (when not DJ€™ing!)?

It makes no difference whether I€™m DJing or not! It€™s vodka lemonade.


11) Football fan? 

Manchester United


12) With a lot of the big nightclubs closing or rumoured to close, where do you see the future of London nightlife?

There have been a few really tragic victims of the recession over the past year or two, but the strong businesses will hang in there.  London has been a global leader for nightlife for decades and I don€™t see that changing soon.


13) Your favourite tune to get the crowd jumping?

Calibre €“ Drop It Down


14) Your proudest moment?

The birth of my children.


15) If you didn€™t end up as a DJ what would you be doing?

Playing music to a handful of friends in a bedroom.  It€™s essentially exactly the same, but I get to play to lots of people, really loud.


16) Best advice to someone young wanting to become a DJ?

Love the music that you play.  


17) Twitter or Facebook?

Both have their merits.  Twitter has the edge for me these days though.


18) Where is your favourite view of London from?

Waterloo Bridge at night


19) Vocalist you would love to work with?

Nina Simone


20) Favourite non DnB album out at the moment?

James Blake €“ James Blake


21) Favourite song you like to chill out too?

Quincy Jones €“ Summer In The City


22) Your favourite Nu:Tone track?

Broken (ft. Kyan)


23) What can we expect from your new album?

It€™s a fully vocal album, every track on there has a human element of some shape or form.  It has the same organic basis as my previous work, but with a twist.


24) Favourite club in the world?

Unit in Tokyo.


25) Which city has the best ravers in the world?

London of course!!!

Words and Pictures is Dan's most ambitious project yet with a wealth of cutting edge drum and bass productions featuring some of the finest vocalist and collaborators from within the scene and beyond. 4 Hero, Ben Westbeech, Natalie Willams, Stac, Logistics, Heidi Vogel, Lisa Milett, Kyan and Sophie Paul all feature on this breathtaking album. Click here to listen to tracks and purchase.

Check out some of Hospitals' incredible DJs at their 15th Birthday at Brixton Academy on 22nd April. It promises to be one of the biggest nights of 2011! Click for more info.