Storey, rooftop pop-up, London, Summer, food Stunning views, delectable drinks and mouth-watering food; must be a Summer rooftop pop-up. 

Swiping through the cobwebs and dusty piles of tape, the Storeys pop-up brings its love of London's street food scene to the BBC's former White City rooftop. With the help of the capital's most talented mixologists and culinary masterminds, this pop-up will showcase intriguing alcoholic concoctions and culinary inventions throughout Summer. 

Storeys opens its doors on the 31st July and will remain perched on the West London rooftop for the remainder of the Summer. Taking over the top two floors of the building's abandoned car park, the likes of Crabbieshack and White Men Can't Jerk will be producing a range of flavoursome dishes and delectable delights for London's summer-lovers to tuck into. This wonderful contrast of modern, city life with the old, airy vibes of the pop-up's venue only adds to entire experience, enhancing the explosion of flavours and colourful combinations.

This pop-up is constantly changing. Dynamic by nature, no two weekends are the same; its line-up of stalls will maintain a level of freshness throughout the Summer. But this event isn't just about delicious food and quirky cocktails. There'll also be comfy lounge sofas ideal for food-induced comas, serene early-morning yoga sessions and a number of exhibitions, showcasing the city's most promising urban artists. Add in some spectacular views and you've got yourself a winner.

Sit back with an ice-cold cocktail and watch as the summer sun sinks slowly behind London's jagged skyline.

Storeys will open on the 31st July. It will be open for business every Friday evening and for the entire weekend.