Rumour has it that living near water has a significantly good impact on your health (even expanding a woman's lifespan); in London, it also has a gnarly impact on your bank account. We're not here to talk money and London property prices however, we're here to talk rumoured heatwaves, riverside restaurants and plucky dining plots by the canal. It will, after all, benefit your health. 

The Lighterman in King's Cross

Granary Square has ever been the gem for a quick can of the good stuff by the canal, its stairs clad with faux grass do the cheap purchase justice, but what if you fancied something all the more charming? Cool and calmed by the pattering of water sounds and barge views, grab a spot in The Lighterman's alfresco space to enjoy a roster of gastro inspired plates and summertime cocktails.

lighterman london restaurant by the river

The Lighterman makes the most of its canal-side space with alfresco drinks and dining.

KUPP Paddington

Do riverside dining good and proper at this restaurant in Paddington. Given a good day of weather, you can snag yourself a spot by the river and wait for the Scandinavian platters to come on full and thick as KUPP promise a rustic selection of plates set alongside cocktails and sunshine friendly bottles of wine. Our recommendation? A bowl of Atlantic prawn skagen and their home smoked trout.

kupp river dining in london

A taste of Scandinavia comes to the water's edge in Paddington.

Northbank on the Thames

When it comes to considering a restaurant by the river in London, let's talk about the pinnacle of that experience. Found pert by the Millenium Bridge and boasting stunning views of the Thames, there's never been a better place to enjoy a meal by the water than at Northbank Restaurant as your plate will be full of British bites and your glass topped with West Country cider or international wines.

northbank river restaurant london

(Photo: David Griffen) British dining on the shores of the river Thames.

The Barge House in Haggerston

Simmering down in East London for the night after a hardy and hot summer's day of trawling the cool and creative streets? Sounds just like you. You know what also sounds just like you? Dinner by the canal. Join Barge House as their Haggerston spot not only comes perfectly poised over the water, you can sit down and unwind as there's gastro bites and fine wines to be had. 

barge house river restaurant london

Cutesy, cool and calmed by the canal, does it get any better than Barge House?

Alfred Le Roy: Cocktail Cruise in Hackney Wick

While not strictly a London restaurant per say, this beaming Hackney Wick barge still has enough bites and booze to keep you going well on into the night. And those views? They'll make you feel less mardy from the off. Join Alfred Le Roy for a quick whip on the water that consists of charcuterie platters, small bites and handmade cocktails in a casual East London spot on the water. 

alfred le roy river restaurant london

Alfred Le Roy may not be a restaurant, but their charcuterie and cocktails on the river cannot be denied.