Autumn is now well and truly upon us; and to celebrate Grand Union have made a massive addition to their new food menu which will have people all over London licking their lips in anticipation. Grand Union's Dirty Dogs are classic American style hot dogs, six inch pork frankfurters topped with some sizeable tasty toppings.

We've looked over the Dirty Dogs additions and were hard pressed to choose a favourite, as they all look so good. If you like a bit of heat they have the Hell Dog, which has Spanish spicy chorizo, mouth-melting jalapenos, melted cheese and a splashing of hot sauce - engage at your peril. The other frankfurter creations include the Dog's Dinner which is a classic hot dog topped with bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, finished off with three, yes three giant onion rings. Make no mistake, these hot dogs will be unlike any you've encountered before!

Grand Union's Dirty Dogs are an all-American treat coming to London this Autumn.

With locations all over the city Grand Union's Dirty Dogs will soon be enjoyed by Londoners across the the capital. So whether you're near Brixton, Camden, Paddington or Farringdon you will be able to get stuck into one of these delicious looking hot dogs starting at £6.50. The kitchens are open from 12pm - 3pm and 5pm - 10pm at all sites (apart from Grand Union Islington which only serves dinner) - so get yourself down to your nearest Grand Union to taste this all-American delight.