Grand Union, pub and cocktail-lounge chain, is celebrating its 5th anniversary this April by giving married couples who share their special date, April 20th 2006, a one-off bar tab worth £55.55.

The gift will be given to couples who can prove they were wed on the 20th April 2006, so grab your marriage certificate, your significant other and head down to one of Grand Union€™s 11 pubs spread across London to celebrate.

In its five years, the successful Grand Union "pub-cocktail lounge" group has grown ever-stronger following the launch of its first bar in Camden in 2008;  its 12th site is due to open next month in the newly-revived Paddington Basin area.




Outside Cabinas at Grand Union Brixton

Adam Marshall, Managing Director of Grand Union, said: €œFive years takes commitment and hard work €“ in business and in marriage €“ so we€™ve chosen to celebrate our great achievement by giving couples sharing our 5th anniversary a generous bar tab to share with their significant other, family and friends.€

Five years of burgers, pints, cocktails and customers has seen Grand Union:

€¢Serve more than three Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of beer, wine and cocktails across its 11 venues.

€¢Entertained enough customers to fill London€™s Wembley Stadium 29 times over

€¢Sold enough burgers that stacked on top of each other, would reach higher than the peak of Mt Everest

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